My Arch Linux Experience

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i have done it! i have installed arch. i'm officially That Guy.

my arch setup

why? why? why? why? why?

i was having issues with either Manjaro or KDE crashing intermittently, and i spent too much time on /r/unixporn.

for those who are interested, i'm running i3 (post-gaps merge) on X11. haven't bothered to figure out wayland yet.
using pipewire as my audio server, haven't had any complaints with it. (only audacity.)
as shown in the screenshot, i've literally just set up doom emacs and am floundering around in it. yippee!

so how was it?

a boat load of fun actually! i really really enjoyed it, even when i made stupid mistakes like setting environment variables wrong or not configuring grub after installing it. it's taught me a whole lot about The Linux Ecosystem.

this article will probably be updated in the future when i think of more things to say. idunno

any problems?

a few. currently:

but do not get me wrong here — arch is not a buggy broken mess or a headache or anything. hell, it's been more stable than manjaro KDE for me. i like to tell my friends that with arch, you have to be friends with your computer; 99 times out of 100 the problem isn't the OS, it's you setting the config files incorrectly. more importantly, it's also the most computing fun i think i've ever had. <3

also also, if you (yes, You!) have some sort of solution for any of the above that i haven't figured out yet, reach out to me! it would be greatly appreciated!!!!