mp3 landfill


various sounds of various qualities. likely not good.

pro tip! audio can be loud. check your volume levels before hitting play.

2024-01-10T14-28-58 piezostacks [86].wav
lil thing made with a demo sample of a diy contact mic on my grand piano. (dated 2024-01-10T14:28)
2023-03-27T20:29. experiments based on an album lost to time.
"altatódal" ~ wanted a break from breakcore madness, so i made this for my boyfriend. the melody is from the theme song of an old hungarian folk tale cartoon series. when i sent this to frankie they teared up in nostalgia. mission success? (dated 2023-01-23T15:51)
first thing i ever made in renoise. dated 2023-01-10T17:02.
dated 2021-11-16T12:17. i've tried to make a shitty tongue-in-cheek christmas album like twice now and never got around to it. ah well
buddy holly nightcore, circa 2020-10-13. found in discord archives